Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20- Morning Hurricane Dora Update (Cat. 1)

Dora is currently a Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 90 MPH. Central Pressure 981 millibars. Dora is moving west-northwest at 18 MPH.
Satellite images indicate Dora is trying to develop an eye in her core. It is expected that, as Dora gathers strength, that will become an easy task for her to accomplish.
Dora is a fairly big hurricane, with rain bands impacting Mexico's Coast.
Maximum wind speed probabilities indicate Dora may not have as much chance to turn into a major hurricane as originally thought. While still elevated, the maximum chance for Dora to reach Category 3 strength or higher is at 44%.

Ensembles for tracks and intensity forecasts are all fairly organized this morning. The consensus is to keep Dora away from land while still gathering strength. Looking at intensity forecasts, you can see why i'm casting doubt on Dora reaching major hurricane strength. Only/At Least 3 ensemble members place Dora at a weak to moderate Category 3 hurricane before dropping off and dissipating 6 days out.

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