Saturday, August 20, 2011

GFS Looks to Devastate Florida with Hurricane Landfall from Invest 97L (Featuring Hurricane Survival Tips)

The GFS Model is projecting Invest 97L, currently on the Caribbean's doorstep, to strengthen rapidly into a hurricane, which is then forecasted to strike Florida with potentially devastating effects.
The GFS has been predicting that this storm would strike Florida for over 4 days now. That's a lot of consistency. Needless to say, Florida is very much on the chopping block, if you will.
At this time, it is highly advised that, if you live in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, you should begin preparations for a potentially life-threatening hurricane. If possible, you are advised to leave the state.
If you cannot leave the state, follow the forthcoming steps:

1. Stock up at least 2 weeks of food, water and batteries in this specific case. In some situations, it is hard for rescue personnel to rescue people as there may be hazards that prevent them from doing so.

2. Move possessions to upper levels. Storm surge is definitely a possibility in this situation, even a likelihood. Move all necessary possessions to higher levels, as some storm surges (high water) can come up over 20 feet- a real life-threatening situation.

3. In the rare incident you are trapped as a structure has fallen on top of you, you may want to bring a bright colored blanket or something to notify authorities you are trapped and need help.

4. Stock matches. If you are soaked wet, even in Florida's heat, hypothermia is always an issue. Bring a heat item that is reliable.

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