Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gulf of Mexico could have a hurricane on its hands soon...

That's right, folks. For the first time this year, there is mounting real concern of a hurricane or tropical cyclone striking the Gulf of mexico. At this point, the entire Gulf of Mexico (GOM) has an equal chance of getting hit, but Florida is being eyed more closely due to somewhat recent runs. But the latest GFS has a hurricane brutally striking Texas. See below for more information.
This image is of the DGEX model on the left and GFS model on the right. The DGEX is not considered one of the better models, so bear that in mind. Even so, the DGEX has a hurricane scrape up the Florida coast and probably eventually strike the Florida Panhandle/North Florida region. On the right we have the GFS model. It is farther west and possibly somewhat higher pressures (a sign of a weaker system). Luckily, we can look farther past the DGEX model and see where the GFS makes landfall.
This is for August 30 in the late evening/early morning hours. We see the GFS goes all out on Texas with a large and dangerous system striking that area. Both of these models pose a danger to life and property. All people on the Gulf coast should begin monitoring this system closely. You can follow all current and previous discussions on this storm by clicking on the link below named 'Invest 97L'.

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