Thursday, September 1, 2011

Potentially Catastrophic Rainfall Situation in the works for New Orleans as TD 13 forms in Gulf of Mexico

A potentially catastrophic situation is coming to light as Tropical Depression 13 forms in the Gulf of Mexico.
It appears that, in the next 5 days, over 2 feet of rain could fall in New Orleans from the newly-declared Tropical Depression 13 in the Gulf of Mexico.
'How in the world is this possible?' is what you're probably thinking. Well, it's complicated to say the least. Tropical Depression 13 will probably strengthen into Tropical Storm Lee OR Maria, but that's a whole different story. Let's assume that this storm will become Lee. Lee will be wandering around the Gulf of Mexico, eyeing each state in the Gulf and eventually making landfall as at least a tropical storm.

Over the life of this tropical system, it will rain on Louisiana every day until landfall as it whirls around in the gulf, taking its grand old time. When it does get down to business though, it will make a landfall anywhere from Texas to Florida. This is an incredibly tough system to nail down for the models and for the forecasters. We will monitor the situation.

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