Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 27-29 Snow Event

We are predicting an area of cold air to produce some snow, possibly heavy, in the southern US.
This forecast is NAM-biased. The only reason it is is because the NAM is showing this amount of snow shown while the GFS does show an area where snow could fall, but for some reason shows no accumulation where snow is clearly falling.
I never had a good feeling about this system and still don't, but I would rather have put out a warning and be wrong than not put out a warning and be drastically wrong.
That said, use this map with caution as this may be subject to drastic changes.


Mike Paulocsak said...

Hello Andrew.Is this supposed to be the system that would have effected the Ohio Valley this coming week.I agree with you not agreeing with this snowfall.I'm not a weather man,but I would say the ground is too warm for it to stick.What do you think?

Andrew said...

I believe the models think it will fall because of the cooler atmosphere and not a cooler surface temp. Possibly, but more likely the atmosphere. This is the system projected to affect the Ohio Valley.