Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cold Front Will Continue to Push Rain Through Midwest This Afternoon

The cold front currently pushing through the Midwest will continue to do so through the afternoon. The above image is for 4:00 pm CDT as the cold front will continue to push through. Behind this, colder air will sweep in as the stage is set for cooler days to begin their takeover.
At this point, it is unlikely that another huge warm burst will occur in the next week, signaling that the transition into winter is beginning. Meteorological winter does start on December 1st, so I guess it is about time for winter to start.
The rain this cold front will be putting down is fairly large- check out the forecasted total precipitation from the same model as the image above.
It looks like Chicago, IL and possibly Gary, IN could be within this heaviest precipitation after the front moves through.

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