Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It appears that our publishing station has contracted some form of malware.
We have found that we cannot post links on our Facebook Page, and we believe that this is the suspected malware.
Facebook has temporarily locked us out of our account due to this suspected malware.
We have not found any problems on our blog here, and have every reason to believe that this blog is unaffected. 
However, if you feel that your computer may be at risk (we do not believe it is), please run a security scan soon to see if your computer contracted any form of bad software. If you did, we highly encourage you to comment on any post with what the malicious software is. Then, we can try to compare it to our security scans and see if we can fix this problem.
This blog will continue to provide weather regularly. This will not be interrupting our posting duties.

Again, as of now, we have no reason to believe that this has infected other computers. The only problem we have had is being unable to post links on our Facebook Page.



Mike Paulocsak said...

Hi Andrew.I'm running SIX different scans now.As soon as they finish,i'll let you know if i find any.Thanks for the alert.

Mike Paulocsak said...

Hi Andrew.I scanned with the following scanners.MALWAREBYTES,ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE 5, AVG 2012 INTERNET SECURITY,SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY,IOBOT MALWARE,AND SUPER ANTI-SPYWARE.None of these detected any infections.So i would safely say,your weather centre site is safe to browse.Also,it's raining like cats & dogs again.

Andrew said...

This is Andrew posting- we are not using the google Account in the even that we do have malware.

Mike- Thanks for your awareness of the situation.

To all: We are currently running a scan of our ENTIRE publishing station. So far, it appears there are no threats. We will issue a post when the scan is finished.

Andrew said...

Mike: I had posted the previous comment before seeing the results. Thank you so much for scanning your computer. It means a lot to us as we take internet security threats very seriously.
Once again, thank you.

AJ said...

Looks like I'm good,

Andrew said...

AJ: Thank you for the report. We do appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Don't know where I "caught" the malware for sure. But I did have a hijacked browser (Firefox) a couple of days ago. It kept redirecting me to fake sites to renew windows 7 virus updates. I had to delete mozilla firefox (from IE) and reload it from the main site. Ran malware bytes and avast. No sign of it now.