Thursday, December 22, 2011

Personal Winter Forecast: Linden VA, Fort Wayne IN, Valparaiso IN


Precipitation: Slightly Below Normal
Temperature: Above Normal (+0.5 degrees and higher)
Snowfall: Below Normal (At least -3 inches)

Linden is in a bad boat for snowfall and precipitation, as the CPC is forecasting below normal precipitation and above normal temperatures. Thus, snowfall should be below normal.


Precipitation: Above Normal (+1 inch or more)
Temperature: Above Normal (+0.5 degrees or more)
Snowfall: Above Normal (At least +3 inches)

Fort Wayne should eventually get above normal snowfall, thanks to the Great Lakes which should eventually start really going on the lake effect machine. Temperatures may, however, end up above normal. We are anticipating precipitation to be above normal as places close to Indiana, like Ohio, have broken precipitation records.


Precipitation: Above Normal (+1.5 inches or more)
Temperature: Normal or Slightly Above Normal
Snowfall: Well Above Normal (+10 inches or more)*
*Confidence is slightly lower than usual.

Valparaiso will get hit hard by lake effect snow if everything turns out alright in the pattern change. Thus, precipitation should end above normal. Temperatures may wobble out to normal or slightly above normal. 


Alice McDonald said...

Thank you Andrew.
My son will be returning from Afghanistan end of January, and will be driving from Jacksonville, NC to Fort Wayne early to mid- February for post deployment leave. Any input during this time would be most appreciated by this Marine Mom.

Andrew said...

Alice: We will provide the weather for you and your son during that time. However, I admittedly don't have the best memory, so if you could drop a comment every once and a while, that would be appreciated. We are always open to helping those who serve in the military.

AJ said...

I am blown away to hear about at least 10 inches above normal in Valparaiso,IN

AJ said...

I forgot to thank you.I am just too exited.

AJ said...

Do you think the next lake effect snow will be soon in valparaiso,in?

Andrew said...

The Euro Ensemble Control has been showing a wintry event for the Ohio Valley. The 10 inches above normal is only if the very cold pattern change happens. That's why we put the lower than normal confidence. You are welcome, by the way.

Anonymous said...

When is this wintry event going to happen?

Andrew said...

The ECMWF was thinking the first week or so of January.

Mike Paulocsak said...

Hello Andrew.Could this affect me in Holmes county Ohio?

Joshua Steiner said...

Will Fort Wayne get hit by any synoptic snowstorm events or blizzards sometime this January and February? Will it happen even if the cold weather never comes.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it will be on the fifth or later?That is the day I am coming back from Florida.The fifth is the first Thursday.Will it be a big oe?

Andrew said...

Mike: Possibly.

Joshua: As soon as the pattern changes, yes. There are strong indicators that the pattern will change.

Anonymous: It is too far out to tell.

scoopy said...

Thank you Andrew, maybe Linden Va. Will have better luck in the 2012 2013 winter. I must say I miss the snow but I am enjoying the warmer temps. :-)