Thursday, December 22, 2011

Personal Winter Forecast: Columbus OH, Richmond VA, Hays KS


Precipitation: Well Above Normal (Records Broken)
Temperature: Ending Around Normal
Snowfall: Slightly Above Normal*
*Confidence is lower than normal.

The Ohio Valley has broken records for the wettest year, and that should continue through the winter. Warm and cold should make for normal temperatures and slightly above normal snowfall after a dismal winter start.


Precipitation: Slightly Below Normal
Temperature: Ending Above Normal (+0.5 degrees or more)
Snowfall: Below Normal

Richmond is not in the best spot for storm tracks. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting below normal precipitation and above normal temperatures through the next few months. Thus, snowfall will also be below normal.


Precipitation: Slightly Above Normal*
Temperature: Ending Normal or Slightly Above Normal
Snowfall: Slightly Above Normal
*Confidence is lower than normal.

Hays, Kansas is in a favorable position for storms based on the latest cut-off lows moving throughout the region. However, if the pattern change comes out as expected, this may change. Either way, snowfall should end slightly above normal. The same is possible for precipitation, but confidence is lower than normal. Temperatures may end up from normal to slightly above normal. 

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