Thursday, December 22, 2011

Personal Winter Forecast: Milwaukee WI, Albany NY, Fort Atkinson WI


Precipitation: Slightly Above Average
Temperature: Ending up Around Normal
Snowfall: Slightly Below Normal

The bad winter start has had an effect on snowfall and will end up below normal. Temperature should end up around normal while a wet fall should make for an above normal precipitation.

Precipitation: Above Normal
Temperature: Above Normal (+1 degrees or more)
Snowfall: Above Normal (+2 inches or more)

The October Snowstorm for the Northeast appears to be a signal that the Northeast may be the snow haven this year, so precipitation and snowfall are angled to an above average view. However, after a very warm fall, winter may follow suit.


Precipitation: Slightly Above Normal
Temperature: Ending Around Normal
Snowfall: Slightly Below Normal

After a dismal start to winter, Fort Atkinson should end up with below normal snowfall in the end. Temperatures should cancel each other out as cold and warmth battle for their rightful place. Precipitation should end up slightly above normal after a wet fall.

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