Friday, December 23, 2011

Personal Winter Forecast: Raleigh NC, Traverse City MI, Springfield IL


Precipitation: Below Normal
Temperature: Above Normal
Snowfall: Below Normal

The Positive NAO will provide grounds for North Carolina to not get the biggest of storms this winter, thus the below normal snow and precipitation. However, that doesn't mean that some big storms won't hit the Northeast. Temperatures will be above normal as a warm fall continues into the winter.


Precipitation: Around Normal or Slightly Above Normal
Temperature: Above Normal
Snowfall: Ending Normal (Or Going Either Slightly Below/Above Normal)

Michigan could go either way with snowfall, as precipitation isn't too confident right now. Temperatures will probably be above normal, going off the warm fall for the entire Great Lakes region and Midwest.


Precipitation: Slightly Above Normal
Temperature: Slightly Above Normal
Snowfall: Around Normal*
*Confidence is Lower Than Normal

Springfield will likely see some above normal temperatures and precipitation. The storm track is right around normal, while temperatures have been warm through the fall. Snowfall might end up around normal, but confidence is unusually low.

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