Friday, December 23, 2011

Up to 12 Inches of Snow for New Mexico Possible - Posted 12/23

UW-NMS Model with 6z NAM Initialization
There is potential for up to a foot of snow to fall in New Mexico in the next 48 hours as a storm system moves along the Mexico/US borderline. It appears that this heavy snow will be more in an isolated area, as the system puts its energy into a specific spot for the heavier snowfall.
We should be seeing a low pressure system dump snowfall in New Mexico, Mexico itself eastward into Texas. Amounts in Texas will be nowhere near what they were in the Blizzard a couple days ago. Farther eastward, a lack of colder air will lead to precipitation in the form of rain.


Mike Paulocsak said...

Hello Andrew.Once the pattern change does take hold,could we see snowfalls like this in Ohio?

Andrew said...

It is entirely possible.