Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Town's Personal Winter Forecast Release Dates

Here is a list of what cities' winter forecasts will be released, and when.
These forecasts will be clustered in 3's, with each post defined as 'Post 1' or 'Post 2'.


Post 1
Omaha, Nebraska
Detroit, Michigan
Holmesville, Ohio

Post 2
Chicago, Illinois
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Post 3
Leesburg, Virginia
West Plains, Missouri
Beckley, West Virginia

Post 4
Gloversville, New York
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Onalaska, Texas


Post 1
Linden, Virginia
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Valparaiso, Indiana

Post 2
Columbus, Ohio
Richmond, Virginia
Hays, Kansas

Post 3
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Albany, New York
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Post 4
St. Louis, Missouri
Guttenberg, Iowa
Spring Valley, New York


Post 1
Brighton, Michigan
Mora, Minnesota
Kent, Ohio
Ellicottville, New York

Post 2
Westminister, Maryland
Tanytown, Maryland
Southwest Harbor, Maine

Post 3
Raleigh, North Carolina
Traverse City, Michigan
Springfield, Illinois

Post 4
Bondville, Vermont
Bethel, Connecticut 

1 comment:

Mike Paulocsak said...

Hello Andrew.I'll be waiting patiently.I'm the Holmesville Ohio town.Actually i live in the country.I'm SURELY hoping that January thru March is alot snowier!!!!!!!!!!!!!