Monday, January 23, 2012

Severe Weather Event (January 24, 2012)

There is a risk for severe thunderstorms in south Texas tomorrow, as a low pressure system moves through the area. We have outlined the regions for general thunderstorms as well as possible Severe thunderstorms. Keep in mind the general thunderstorm area may have to be moved north a bit. But these storms won't be as bad as the ones yesterday were, and here's why.
The storm is positively tilted. This means that the storms will not be as strong, as negative tilted troughs involve cold air advocating (moving) over low level warm temperatures. This overrunning cold air makes for more instability, and thus stronger storms. Additionally, a negative tilt means the system has reached maturity, theoretically also reaching maximum strength, and a negative tilt indicates strong wind shear- a crucial element needed for tornadoes.
The biggest risk here should be some gusty winds and small hail. Nothing too significant.

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