Sunday, March 25, 2012

Record-Breaking Warmth Unlikely as Ridge Fills Gulf of Alaska

The latest GFS 500mb analogue forecast is indicating that another spell of record-breaking warmth is unlikely as a ridge of high pressure moves into the Gulf of Alaska (GOA).

This past winter, warm spells would occur with a low pressure system present in the Gulf of Alaska. That low in the GOA is a traditional signal of a warm spell forthcoming in the US.

With our most recent record-breaking warmth, there was indeed a strong low pressure system in the Gulf of Alaska. However, with a ridge now poised to take over, it can be expected that temperatures much closer to average will be prevalent. I'm not saying they will be average, because I am getting some signals that they will be warmer than normal, but temperatures will be closer to average than record breaking.


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Indndawg said...

Andrew, I need your thoughts. One of the warmer, La Nina winters was 91/92 that transitioned into a weak El Nino(don't know when)brought some much cooler temps for that summer. I know if the La Nina continued, it would be blazing over the South. Just wanted to get your thoughts on this. I hoping and praying for a much cooler summer over Dixie. Thx