Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Temperatures to Moderate in Next Several Days

Temperatures will be moderating in the next several days, stopping the record-breaking heat in its tracks. The image above shows maximum temperature departures (maximum or minimum temperatures) for March 27 to April 2. As you can see, temperatures may even be below normal in the Ohio Valley, with the warmth stationed in the North Plains and Northwest parts of the US.
This cool down comes as the mega-ridge of high pressure will be shoved offshore, bringing the warm weather with it and putting jackets and jeans back in style.



Anonymous said...

It's still saying warm in New England!


ERN WX said...

I bet we will eventually pay for this pattern.

ERN WX said...

Things are really starting to look like El Nino is taking over. That is going to certainly suppress the tropics for the Atlantic side. The severe events for the past few days have certainly underperformed. Texas has gotten some good rain at least. Things in my area have been very foggy.

ERN WX said...

Andrew, after looking at a few live chats today, I am very glad you don't have one on your site. They are breeding grounds for the worst of people. It is scary. They use the live chats for everything but what they are intended for. Plus they tell their everyone else to use it for the same wrong purpose.

Joshua Steiner said...

Oh great, I was wishing that the warmth would continue in the Ohio Valley. I love this weather! Though, I do have to say according to the National Weather Service, they believe the GFS is too cold in current long-range forecasts. According to the National Weather Service Northern Indiana's forecast discussion, the ECMWF seems to have a much better handle on the long-range, as ridging is expected to hold quite well across the United States in the next two weeks, and even shifted westward. I guess we will have to see what happens!

mike paulocsak said...

Ohio will stay warm until next winter probably.Certainly no more snow this winter.Winter looks the same next winter as this one was.Pretty much the same.Don't see a good snowy one for several years!As for the live chat ERN WX your right,stay away!!!!!!!!