Saturday, April 7, 2012

Overnight Forecast Discussion: April 7, 2012

(Notice: This forecast was made yesterday, April 6, as I am not able to be by the computer today, April 7)

Tonight's Hotspot: Midwest
A progressing cold front will continue to crash into warm air brought up by the warm front currently in place in Michigan. A squall line of sorts is expected, but mostly showers and lighter thunderstorms. Nothing too severe is expected, but a few strong storms are possible.

Northern Plains
Isolated rain showers will be patrolling the area, mainly in Montana.

Residents may want to keep an eye to the sky as a strong storm system swirls offshore. A trough could produce some showers in the state.

Eastern Seaboard
The central portion of the Eastern Seaboard may be cloudy with a spotty shower as a trough will be present in the area.

Southern Plains
A stalled front, mainly in Texas, could produce some stronger showers and thunderstorms overnight.

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