Monday, April 30, 2012

Severe Weather Possible Today for Plains, Ohio Valley

Overall Risk

Hail Threat

Tornado Threat
There is a risk of severe weather today in the Plains and Ohio Valley.

The Plains will experience a typical dry line scenario, with storms igniting in western Oklahoma, northern Texas, and southwestern Kansas. These storms will likely have some form of rotation in them based on tornado threats, so people in those areas should keep an eye to the skies.

There is also an enhanced threat for large hail in the areas mentioned above. Because the storms may get so large and may have some rotation, it is very possible that the intensity of the storms will create abnormally large hail.

A frontal boundary is currently in the vicinity of southern portions of the Ohio Valley, and this should be the focus for some showers and storms to develop today. If they do develop, expect the main threats to be wind and hail, with a very low risk of a tornado.

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