Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Strong Storm System May Ignite Active Weather Next Week

The image shown above is the 500mb height forecasts for 'Day 7', roughly a week out. At the 500mb level, one can detect low pressure systems when the lines are depressed into an upside-down arch. Ridges of high pressure are indicated in right side up arch formations.
In this forecast, made by the NCEP Superensemble, we see a very strong storm system swinging south which will likely shift into the Southeast. The ridge in place over the Central US will be shifted east or north with the invasion of this storm system.
I am worried about this right off the bat, considering that this strong a storm system will most likely latch onto the jet stream and stress it to increase wind speeds. Humid and warm air will boost instability in a scenario seen all too much this spring.
We have yet to see if this will verify, but the ensembles are very interested.



ERN WX said...

Watch the volcanoes. They could have serious impact on our winter. A good number have already erupted.

ERN WX said...

A bit of rain moving in! We need it. UKMET won for today.

Anonymous said...

Would this be a problem for the central US or the southeast?

ERN WX said...

Central U. S. and southeast woul likely be affected by this.