Saturday, May 12, 2012

Atlantic Invest 92- May 12, 2012

Atlantic Invest 92 has formed in the Atlantic.
The system currently has a 40% chance of development per the National Hurricane Center, and its tight formation and cloud structures would not surprise me to see a tropical storm form in the next couple days.

Track forecasts for the system are pretty uninteresting, with the system being projected to swirl around the general region it is now.

Intensity forecasts do indicate that there is potential for a tropical storm to form, but if that does happen it should be more low-end tropical storm status.

More to come.


ERN WX said...

Tropics getting act together early, before El Nino closes the door. Nice storm I say. Very circular and well organized. They should give it a 60% chance. Andrew, you are very good with the tropics. /

ERN WX said...

If it has tropical storm winds I will call it a tropical/subtropical storm. Hello Alberto./

ERN WX said...

Happy Mother's day to all of the moms out there. East Coast from drought to deluge this week./