Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Damaging Wind Threat Sparks Moderate Risk Issued for Today, May 2

Overall Risk

Hail Risk

Tornado Risk

Damaging Wind Risk
A moderate risk of severe weather has been issued for eastern Nebraska, western Iowa today as a slight risk of severe weather spans half of the country.

This moderate risk has been issued on account of an elevated damaging wind threat. It does appear that supercells will evolve into a cluster of storms. It can be expected that these storms will be intense and may have powerful downdrafts (a flow of storm-cooled air from the storm- the opposite of an updraft) that could cause damage.
Because of the proximity to the low pressure center, as well as the frontal boundary, there is a tornado threat for the 30% area today. It is somewhat elevated, so a brief spin-up is possible in areas in the 5% tornado graphic.
Farther out to the east, strong showers and storms will develop and become several clusters that will be roaming the area. No significant severe weather is expected, but some small hail and gusty winds are possible.


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