Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 2 Slight Risk Nearly Spans Border-to-Border

Overall Risk

Probability of any severe weather
There is a slight risk of severe weather for tomorrow, and it spans nearly from border to border.

Tomorrow, high instability combined with humid air and high temperatures will make for a potentially intense day in northern Illinois, southern Michigan, and eastern Iowa.
Current indications are that isolated storms will pop up and quickly transition to clusters of storm systems that will be sweeping the area. The clusters may have the most impact on the 30% and hatched areas. For future reference, a hatched area represents a 10% chance of a 'significant' severe weather occurrence (large hail, extreme winds, etc.).

I am within this slight risk area and will try to get pictures if I am able to.



ERN WX said...

An area of very heavy rain going through.

ERN WX said...

Not a bit of thunder!!!!!!! Boring. Off today.

ERN WX said...

MCS's possible for areas in the slight risk for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

So the cap didn't break over michigan today and we got zero storms. They did end up extending the 2% tornado risk to my area, though. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more active day. Do you think there's any chance of an isolated tornado at least in michigan tomorrow?