Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pictures will be posted tomorrow

I am taking shots of the severe weather, and they will be posted tomorrow on my weather photography blog, Vortex Weather Photography.


ERN WX said...

Like the pictures you took. Tomorrow, my area is in the slight risk. Lapse rates are quite steep, so large hail is likely. Shear of 25-30 knots and CAPE of 2000-2500 j/kg is enough for some good t-storms. I will give you any severe weather reports. Multi-cell line segments with imbedded supercells, the SPC says. That makes me happy. Hail, a funnel cloud, and winds of 60 mph will make me happy. Just hope people stay safe!!! Things a bit crazy this evening, even though I was off. Take care everyone!!! Will try to be back early for a few thoughts on my potential excitement.

ERN WX said...

Thank you Andrew, so much for what you said to me. I really appreciate it. I am proud to visit this site every day. Thank you. I am glad to know there are still good people out there.