Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weekend May Start With a Bang

There is a risk for severe weather across the Plains, Southeast and Texas.

A severe threat has been ongoing in Texas for a few days now, leading me to believe that this is the result of a stalled frontal boundary. A stalled frontal boundary would indeed lead to an increased tornado threat as a converging wind field would make for some shearing. However, seeing as the jet stream is currently zonal, I would rather not decide on that immediately.

The Plains will be getting in on more severe weather, for at least the 3rd day in a row this Saturday. This time there will be shearing from the lower and mid levels of the atmosphere, so there is indeed a tornado threat as high instability helps along with that potential.

The Southeast will be getting in on some severe weather also, as a trough of low pressure interacts with the environment to make for some low shearing and fairly moderate instability. I am thinking this will be a hail/damaging wind threat for this area.

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