Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Heat Wave to Obliterate Records on Thursday

Temperature Records for Thursday are expected to be demolished as a massive dome of heat moves over the central US, as pictured in this NAM forecast from Twisterdata. Much of the central and southern US is shown to receive temperatures flirting with or surpassing 100 degrees. Chicago's forecast is for 100 degrees, and 110 degrees+ looks to be possible for portions of Kansas.

Now, this is unsurprisingly a skeptical forecast. Temperatures this high in these places is not common in the slightest. While not exactly rare, when this magnitude of a heat wave arrives, records are usually broken. However, a glance at some NWS forecast discussions reveal that the GFS is appearing too cool with this event. For that reason, I am using the NAM for this forecast.


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TSTM said...

It is barely 70 on the east coast today. I think you would take that for temps!!! Wknd 90's. Poss svr.