Sunday, June 10, 2012

Incredible Florida Rains Continuing Today

Radar indications of rainfall totals indicate that up to 20 inches of rain has fallen just to the southwest of Pensacola, Florida. Myrtle Grove and Warrington, Florida are in the middle of this intense rainfall.

Latest water vapor and frontal analysis indicate that two troughs are producing vast amounts of water vapor over the Gulf of Mexico that is moving north-northeast onshore to areas that are already operating WAY over capacity. The low pressure system associated with this rain is pretty concerning. While some dry air is pushing east, indicating some relief may be on the way, any more rain from now on will only do a lot more harm than help.


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Anonymous said...

That rich Gulf moisture does a lot. Last year I got 8 in of rain in less than 6 hours. When you get all of that rain, things float away./ NWS likes rainfall reports fellow spotters.