Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hurricane Fabio Spins in East Pacific

Hurricane Fabio is currently spinning around in the East Pacific at Category 1 strength, with maximum winds of 90 MPH and a central pressure reading of 982 millibars.

Satellite imagery of Fabio shows a formidable core but no present eye, with the main convection placed on the eastern side of the system. One can see a wrapping motion becoming apparent on the western portion of the hurricane, and this is likely a sign of strengthening. Should this wrapping motion continue, I would expect a tightening of the southwestern convection, as well as an expansion of the strongest storms from the eastern side of the hurricane into the western flank in accordance with the tightening of the core.

Fabio is expected to curve northwest before attempting to move north, as shown on the National Hurricane Center's track above. Stay up to date with the latest coverage on Fabio here, on The Weather Centre.


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