Friday, September 7, 2012

Official 2012-2013 Winter Forecast Comes Out TOMORROW at 12:00 PM CT

We are only 1 DAY AWAY from the release of the 2012-2013 Official Winter Forecast! Get excited and tell all your friends, because this one's going to be big!

Remember that regional forecasts will follow, here is the times of each region:

12:00 PM CT: National 2012-2013 Official Winter Forecast
12:10 PM: Northeast Winter Forecast
12:20 PM: Mid-Atlantic Winter Forecast
12:30 PM: Southeast Winter Forecast
12:40 PM: Gulf Coast Winter Forecast
12:50 PM: South Plains Winter Forecast
1:00 PM: Southwest Winter Forecast
1:10 PM: Northwest Winter Forecast
1:20 PM: North Plains Winter Forecast
1:30 PM: Midwest Winter Forecast
1:40 PM: Central Plains Winter Forecast
1:50 PM: Ohio Valley Winter Forecast
2:00 PM: Great Lakes Winter Forecast


WinterStorm said...

Can't wait Andrew! Please give me some snow! It looks like a Central-West based El Nino may be in store for winter. Anyway, I know you worked very hard on the Winter Forecasts and I know that you still have lots of work to do with the 60+ Personalized Winter Forecasts. So I would just like to thank you for this and everything you do. Thank you!

ERN WX said...

Tstms went thru early. Nothing strong just rain. Things need to destabilize more. Will have more info. NAM has area crushed.