Monday, October 29, 2012

2 Feet of Snow Yet To Fall in WV

As Superstorm Sandy continues to barrel into the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, West Virginia is still under the gun for over 24 inches of snow in the next 14 hours.

The HRRR, or Hi-Res Rapid Refresh model, is a short range model used for forecasting events that are in the 0-15 hour timeframe. This is the 14 hour total accumulated snow for the Northeast, and as you can see, West Virginia gets absolutely crushed with another 2 feet of snow yet to fall on top of snow that has already fallen. Should this forecast verify, some isolated locations could be flirting with the 3 foot mark- quite a way to start the winter season.

Also of note is that Ohio and Michigan could get some snow in the next 14 hours. Ohio could get 1-3 inches in the western half of the state, while eastern Michigan could get as much as 2 inches in spotty areas. This is only going to be a major event for West Virginia- all other areas should get minor accumulations.


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