Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Significant Midwest Snowstorm Coming

The first major winter storm of the 2012-2013 season is coming in, with over 8 inches of snow likely in the next 3 days.

I am expecting a storm system to move into the region in the next 24 hours, with the event beginning as rain and transitioning to snow. This initial phase will drop 2-4 inches across North Dakota, with 1 inch or less expected farther to the south.
However, a sudden rain-to-snow change will occur in northern Minnesota and extreme northeast North Dakota, bringing over 8 inches of snow to the mentioned areas. Some spotty blizzard conditions are possible, especially in rural areas.

Heavier snow is expected in Canada, upwards of 18 inches in some spots.


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ERN WX said...

Well, Andrew, 18 inches that you mentioned seems MORE than possible. You went the highest first. Some areas could see 2 FEET of snow. SREF suggests 3in hr snfl rates. Accuwx winter fcst looks good but has problems. OH Val should be included in abv nrml snfl. Folks, our turn is coming. IT WILL BE BIG. Mdls too low with snfl at first. Weak Nino will be just a small part.