Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy 11:00 PM Update (10/26/12)

Hurricane Sandy is now on track to hit just south of New Jersey in an event that will prove historic for the region.

Sandy is likely to hit early in the workweek, which may catch many people off guard. Model guidance suggests that this storm may end up lingering around the region, which would provoke sustained flash flooding in the region.

Below, you see the model consensus from the 12z model suite, as well as the 84 hour forecast on the new 0z NAM. On the bottom right, you can see total precipitation that is expressed in values surpassing 100. You can determine the inch value by multiplying the shown value by 0.01 and you can see the total inches of rainfall.

This is getting dangerous. I cannot stress this enough- PREPARE NOW AND EVACUATE IF NECESSARY!!

I will have a morning update tomorrow.


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