Saturday, October 13, 2012

Siberia Predicting Cold Winter Ahead

Siberia has developed a healthy snow pack in the past two weeks, with snow now covering much of northeastern Russia. Such a sudden increase in snowpack suggests a cold weather is on the way for the winter.

There is a proven correlation between Siberian snow cover in October and subsequent above or below normal temperatures in the following winter over North America. It has been observed that this snowpack correlates with the Arctic Oscillation, or AO, to make these temperatures fluctuate. The past two weeks have seen a rapid build of snow cover over Siberia and nearby regions of Russia. The presence of such a snow pack suggests a quick and cold start to winter may be on the way. I will be tracking Siberia through October to see what else we can expect for this winter.

Things are looking up for a cool start to winter. The question is, can it last?



Damon Fleming said...

I hope it lasts.

mike paulocsak said...

Good article Andrew.This looks more encouraging for us snow lovers then it did last year at this time.Like you mention,how long will it last?Time will only tell.