Sunday, October 28, 2012

Superstorm Sandy 9:00 PM CT Update (10/28/12)

Latest water vapor analysis of Sandy shows that an eye is still present, although sustained winds put Sandy at the bare minimum 75 MPH hurricane criteria.

The center of Sandy is pretty much on track with the NHC at this time, although I may be seeing a slight wobble to the east of that forecast point, hence the red circle to the east of the track. I don't anticipate this slight wobble to have a significant effect on eventual landfall- a few miles north might be a consequence of this wobble, but that's about it.

500mb analysis does show that Sandy may be beginning to take on a negative tilt, a consequence of Sandy merging with a second system that will provide the base for this decade's first (and hopefully last) superstorm. This will be significant and lives will be threatened. Here's some words of wisdom from the NWS Mt. Holly office:

My afternoon thoughts still stand, and here's the overall graphic from the afternoon.


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