Thursday, November 8, 2012

High Impact Snowfall Event for North Plains

I am forecasting a High Impact event for the Northern Plains in the next 5 days, as a major winter weather event hits the region.

What is a High Impact event?

•Heavy precipitation
•Property and Life threatened
•Major travel disruptions

I am anticipating over a foot of snow hitting Montana into the northern part of North Dakota. This could get pretty extreme, especially for rural areas that may see their roads covered, possibly for a long period of time.

Farther to the south, amounts from a half foot to 12'' are likely, as lesser effects of this High Impact event are felt, yet still remain disruptive to travel.

Keep up to date on the latest weather conditions. Make sure you have proper provisions, possibly to use for an extended period of time if your roads are unplowed for an extended period of time.



Logan said...

I see TWC called this Brute (or whatever can't remember anymore sorry (: ).. Anyway, I still thinks its ridiculous to call these storms that.

And I have been wondering, the 'A' storm didn't bring as much snow as Sandy (Sorry if it did, but I have only seen reports of less than 2 feet) to some parts, but Sandy wasn't called a name?

Anyway, hope the snow makes it to Kentucky/Indiana area by time it all goes through :)

Anonymous said...

Winter Storm Brutus.

Randy the Random Dude said...

Hi Andrew, when are you going to update the snow radar?

Bjenks said...

Logan..Sandy came on shore as a named storm, therefore it could not be renamed just because there was heavy snow and blizzard warnings within it. Two names already used and we aren't even in winter yet. Hope they start on the second 26 shortly as we may need it.