Sunday, November 4, 2012

Was Superstorm Sandy Really A Result of Global Warming?

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, a system that destroyed homes, business and lives, some are speaking up about how this occurred in response to climate change. But was that REALLY the reason why this happened?

NO. And here's why.

Sandy was a low-end hurricane.
If those who are proclaiming global warming's presence in this system really believed it, you would see a major hurricane, not a modest Category 2 hurricane, like Sandy was. Now, could such extreme events happen thanks to a system as weak as a tropical storm? Absolutely. But those in favor of climate change factoring into Sandy are treating it like a once-in-a-lifetime event (It was), but like a super-hurricane rather than a convenient merging of two storms, described below.

What Sandy did happens DOZENS of times a year.
The way Sandy got so strong was by phasing, or two or more storms combining in to one storm system. This phasing enabled two bodies of energy to come together, and the presence of the Atlantic Ocean only fueled the fire. But the truth is that phasing of storms happens on a very regular basis. This just happened to be a right place, right time moment for a hurricane and a strong Canadian system.

This storm was not as powerful as some believe.
Don't get me wrong when you see this title, Sandy was a VERY strong storm system. However, many are overestimating the strength of Sandy. The only reason this system had such a big impact was because it struck the nation's economic and political homeland. Think about it. If Superstorm Sandy had hit, say, a desolate area in any nation, would you still think it was as powerful? Again, this storm was very strong, but the human and cultural effects are making many overestimate this event.

Global warming takes time.
Let's say that Sandy was a result of global warming/climate change. If that were the case, then every coastal storm following a path similar to Sandy's track should have been much stronger. Global warming is not a 'drive-by event' (the event shows itself briefly, i.e. a single earthquake), it takes immense time. Believe me, if global warming had taken control of Earth, the derecho in the Mid-Atlantic this past summer would have mowed down entire cities. Every severe thunderstorm event this past summer would have likely had extreme bouts of wind, hail, rain and tornadoes. But did that happen? No.

Superstorm Sandy was indeed a horrible storm, one that will not be easily forgotten in coming decades. However, global warming does not appear to be the culprit for such an event.



logan said...

honestly, I am glad with this post!

Keep up good work on blog! :)

Logan said...

Not to do with Global Warming... But, do you know if TWC named that as a winter storm as well? Considering how much snow there was in some places, it would make sense to me if they did. Or even this upcoming Nor'easter :)

Anonymous said...

There was the "Perfect Storm" which was alot like a Sandy. Those same areas got hit bad too. Sandy was just a direct hit with a full moon and storm surge at perfection. This was just a rare but NOT out of the ordinary event. It is election time so go figure.

Anonymous said...

Also I was born in NJ and deeply affected by the destruction of the places I grew up frequenting. Point Pleasant, Atlantic City, Mantoloking, and the whole shore. I am now in KS. I am part of the help to ship items to my bro-inlaw's families who were left homeless and short on resources. This burns into my celluloid forever. I am grateful states are and trying to help. Esp. KS and AL. Too bad AL got screwed however though I still offer kudos.