Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summerlike Warmth Just Days Away

The first blast of summerlike warmth appears to be just a couple days away, as Old Man Winter is beat back for the first time in this unusually cold spring.

Maximum Tuesday Temperatures
The short range NAM model is projecting temperatures to soar past the 80 degree mark as far north as Chicago, IL and the Quad Cities in Iowa. This model forecast has been rather consistent with extremely warm temperatures stretching as far north as those two cities, although in this forecast the warmth appears to have been slightly dialed back. Temperatures in western Texas could flirt with the 100 degree mark, and the thermometer will situate itself well into the 80s and 90s across multiple Plains states on Tuesday. Unusually warm temperatures will continue out to the east into the Ohio Valley and even poking into Canada.

Maximum Wednesday Temperatures
The cold front will show its full force on Wednesday afternoon, but the warmth ahead of this frontal boundary will continue to show its might. We see a large swath of 80s from Texas as far north as Michigan. The warm sector shoots well into eastern Canada, where 60s and 70s prevail. It looks like almost every state in the central and eastern US will be able to achieve temperatures as high as the 60s on the low end and 80s on the high end. Once again, western Texas will see temperatures close to 100, but not at the three-digit benchmark.


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