Friday, May 31, 2013

Violent Tornadoes Possible Tonight for Oklahoma

NOTE: High Risk was not issued, but may be issued later on.
Violent tornadoes are possible this evening for Oklahoma, as the worst day of this multi-day severe weather outbreak may be about to unfold across the state.

Latest mesoscale discussion from the Storm Prediction Center over the central Oklahoma region indicated a Potentially Dangerous Situation (PDS) tornado watch will be issued in the next couple of hours in response to a very favorable environment for tornadoes in the area. At the present time, the region is also being monitored for an upgrade by the SPC from a Moderate Risk of severe weather to the rare High Risk of severe weather. High Risk situations are issued when severe weather is at its worst; some events associated with High Risk situations include the Tuscaloosa event in April 2011.

Violent tornadoes are on the menu for that region this evening; depending on how the PDS Tornado Watch is issued, we may see the chance for multiple strong tornadoes or the chance for one or two. Regardless, it is important that anyone in Oklahoma understand that there is a very real risk for life-threatening tornadoes. The synoptic environment is supportive for tornadoes that MAY (no guarantees whatsoever here) be similar to the Moore, OK tornado. This similarity is not in damage or path, but in how the environment may be favoring tornadoes on the higher end of the tornado scale.

A Critical Storm Action Day (CDAS) is now in effect.


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