Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18- Severe Weather Discussion

There is a slight risk of severe weather for portions of the: Central Plains, Midwest, Southeast. Mainly affected is: The Nation's Midsection.

There is currently a sector of moist and unstable atmospheric conditions in central KY east into KY/TN. However, there are several clusters of showers and storms ongoing in the areas. That will affect the atmospheric conditions into today. Those are specific details that will have to be worked out and will likely become a nowcasting event. (Nowcasting= forecasting as the event is happening)

It looks like moderate to stronger showers and storms will progress from Central Illinois into Central Indiana moving WSW.

The areas to watch for today's severe weather are:
-Central/South IL
-Central/South IN
-East half of Kentucky

This comes as a short range model projects a strong cluster of thunderstorms to come down into Kentucky after battering the first two areas mentioned.

Today's Hail Outlook

Today's Wind Outlook

Today's Tornado Outlook

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