Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6- Special Tropical Cyclone Update #2- East Pacific Ocean (6:16pm CDT)

This is a second tropical cyclone update that will not be replacing the evening tropical cyclone discussion.
After looking at current infrared imagery of the storm system in the East Pacific, it does look like intense thunderstorm clouds have formed a hook formation at the west end of the potential tropical cyclone.
The infrared imagery does indicate these storms are very intense and their clouds are very high.
That said, The Weather Centre has deemed it necessary to issue another tropical cyclone update.
At this time, I believe there is at least some reason to believe that a tropical depression is forming.
A tropical depression is characterized with a defined circulation and fairly high sustained winds. Unfortunately, we do not have data to represent the sustained wind speeds, but with infrared data suggesting closed circulation is forming, I will presume a tropical cyclone is now forming.
However, I will not be labeling posts with the tropical depression name until the NHC has officially noted that this is a tropical depression/storm.

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