Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8- Strong Storms in Wisconsin, Iowa

If you look closely at the strong storms in Southeast Wisconsin, you can see almost a half box formation.
We can sort this out into fronts.

WARM FRONT- The 'warm front' in this region is the arm of storms stretching horizontally across Southeast Wisconsin.

COLD FRONT- The 'cold front' in the area is the curving line moving vertically to the east. That is the real bringer of cool air to stabilize the atmosphere.

GUST FRONT- Not visible on radar. However, there is a detected gust front spreading out east and southeast towards Chicago. A gust front is thunderstorm outflow, which is cool air rushing out of storms, hitting the ground and spreading in all directions. It can be detectable by local radars at this time, but not on this regional radar.

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