Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8- Hurricane Adrian- Evening Discussion

Adrian has evolved into a Category 1 hurricane. At this time, Adrian's winds are at 75 mph, the minimum for a Category 1 hurricane. Adrian is moving to the Northwest at 9 mph.
There is a tropical storm watch for an area of coastline in Mexico.
The model spread for Adrian continues to get more organized and put into a good consensus with each model run.
As of right now, the main consensus is for the storm to move parallel to the coastline of Mexico.
The intensity models for Adrian are somewhat organized into continuing through Category 1 strength, with some models even moving into the Category 2 strength.
As Adrian moves into 5 days from now, he will reach cooler waters, which will stabilize Adrian and weaken the system.
Adrian has a well defined center of circulation and eyewall surrounding said circulation. The previously exposed east flank of Adrian has now mounted up. Adrian is now a well built hurricane and will only intensify further.

Adrian is well built and a good Category 1 hurricane. He will intensify and likely stay away from land, likely moving parallel from shore.

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