Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4: Current Weather- 8:30 PM CDT

Looking at our current weather around the nation, we have a stationary front in the Southeast producing strong to severe showers and thunderstorms. The main threats are wind and hail, with a very unlikely tornado chance. Stretching north, we have some clouds covering the Midsection into the Midwest, where a low pressure is producing disorganized showers and storms. Out in the Rockies, scattered showers and storms roam the area. This comes as a low pressure system is stationed in the southeast portion of Colorado, with a trof into New Mexico and Arizona. Another low pressure with an associated trof is stationed on the Montana/Wyoming border. Up into Montana, a stationary front evolves into a cold front into the Dakotas region, where a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect. There is a very outside chance of a tornado, but wind and hail are main threats. We expect scattered storms to evolve on the front, with the most potential for tornadic storms right around the front.

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