Saturday, November 5, 2011

Final 2011-2012 Winter Forecast: Southeast Forecast

-------------------Final 2011-2012 Winter Forecast----------------
The Southeast will have a similar set-up as last year’s winter. The western portions of the region will be warm and dry, with some drier weather extending along a portion of the southern area of the Southeast. In the actual Southeast, there appears to be more potential for some cool spells than last year as more frigid air will be available in the northern US than last year. The tropical threat is diminishing and will continue to do so with the tropical season coming to a close. This drier weather will be enhanced in southern Florida west ward into the panhandle of Florida, southern Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. The reason the states as a whole are outlined as drier is to emphasize the potential that the drier wether may extend more northerly than is projected right now. The region will be affected by the system that will eventually turn into a coastal storm later on, but these lows should remain weak while in the Gulf of Mexico. Weak, compared to what they will eventually become.

Regional times are as follows:

Nationwide Winter Forecast Release: 12:00 PM CDT
Southwest Winter Forecast Release: 12:10 PM CDT
Southeast Winter Forecast Release: 12:20 PM CDT
Northeast Winter Forecast Release: 12:30 PM CDT
Midwest Winter Forecast Release: 12:40 PM CDT
Northwest Winter Forecast Release: 12:50 PM CDT
South Central Plains Winter Forecast Release: 1:00 PM CDT

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