Saturday, November 5, 2011

Snow Possible for Midwest as per New 0z NAM

1 am November 9th
7 am November 9th
The above two images are the forecast from the new 0z NAM on the prospect of 'categorical snow'. That is, snow is possible for the area outlined. It appears that Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin are in the possible line for snow. However, the period of snow that the NAM was forecasted for the 84th hour about a week ago did not verify, so we are investigating the chance that the end of the NAM may have a cold bias, which means that the NAM may be tilted towards colder temperatures than what will actually happen.


Jason said...

Hey Andrew -

I have enjoyed reading your forecasts over the past several weeks.

Are you looking for additional help on your website?

I currently do southeast weather for different blog sites and would enjoy partnering up with you.

Let me know.

Andrew said...

Hey there Jason- I appreciate your offer, but for the time being, I think i've got it under control. However, if I do need help, you'll be the first person i'll contact.