Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Personal Winter Forecast: Chicago IL, Sioux Falls SD, Mount Laurel NJ


Precipitation: Above Normal (Up to 2 inches above normal)
Temperature: Around Normal
Snowfall: Slightly Below Normal*
*Lower than normal Confidence. 

Chicago is facing a difficult winter. After a dismal start, the Windy City is waiting for a pattern change that their winter very well may depend on. We believe that Chicago should end up with slightly below normal snowfall after a slow winter start, but temperatures should become moderate. Precipitation should be above normal after a wet fall, and warm storms may add to the rain and thus add to the winter precipitation.


Precipitation: Normal
Temperature: Below Normal
Snowfall: Above Normal (At least 2 inches above normal)

South Dakota should end up with a cold winter and some snowy winter weather as the Canadian cold air will eventually open up to the North Plains. Precipitation should be normal.


Precipitation: Above Normal (At least 1 inch above normal)
Temperature: Possibly Ending Above Normal
Snowfall: Above Normal (At least 5 inches above normal)

Coastal storms should put the Northeast in at least a fairly good position for snowfall and precipitation, but not for temperatures, as a wet fall and a warm fall have given a glimpse of what will come.

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