Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Think Before You Speak- Do Not Blame Global Warming on this Bad Pattern

This is something I want to clear the air about.
This horrible winter pattern IS NOT- I repeat, IS NOT- due to global warming.
This is just a really horrible pattern that just happens to become reality during the big eco-friendly push.
Believe me- I thought it was global warming. But after intense investigation, I discovered that this is simply a bad weather pattern.

I have seen many people blame global warming due to the intense lack of snow.

If global warming caused this, I wouldn't be talking about a pattern change, because the entire earth would be too warm for snow.

If global warming caused this, snow wouldn't be exactly favorable in winter because the warming would have killed off the cold. The cold, by the way, is up north. Way up in the North Pole.

Check out the temperatures way up by the Arctic Circle- Tuktoyaktuk, Canada.

As you can see, the cold is simply being stored up north.


Mike Paulocsak said...

Hello Andrew.I always figured the weather pattern was stuck in a bad position for snow.Also,(PLEASE)do not i reapeat (PLEASE) do not blame yourself for the weather forecasts you predicted.I personally believe you do one HECK of a job forecasting on your site here.As you notice my name,i always post questions for you to answer for me concerning certain weather issues or topics you post,and you always do answer them for me.I GREATLY appreciate that,i REALLY do!!!!!!! Oe more thing,as long as you keep this site up and running,you can GUARANTEE i will keep visiting evey single day.Your topics are very easy to understand and comprehend.Thanks again,and keep up the excellent work!!!!!!!! I will keep stopping by frequently and asking you questions about the weather as long as you don't mind me doing so.

Aran Jacobs said...

I completly agree with mike.

Andrew said...

Mike and Aran: It is a sincere pleasure having you two comment on a daily basis- it gives me great joy to have someone to answer questions to if they have any. Thank you for those very kind words. As long as you two and anyone else continues commenting, I will always be here to answer.


Mike Paulocsak said...

Good morning Andrew.Thanks also for apperiating me and Aran for visiting your site frequently.I will definately keep coming back.This has to do with the instantweather maps site.I looked up this a little bit ago.It shows some pretty decent snowfall cover on the 17'th-20'th timeframe of this month.Do you see or think that a snowstorm could form around this time?Just a guess,this could be when the patterm might change,and i may be wrong.

Aran Jacobs said...

I just got the computer to get models up andthere is a deep low pressure system coming off of Alaska.It looks like it will move through the northwest USA and move into Texas on Friday with heavy rain.It is then to decide itself on which way to go.If it goes North which more models show it would be another snow maker for Plains,Midwest.It could also go south and cause rain and thunderstorms in Georgia,Northern Florida,some of Louisiana,and most of southern Tennesee.I used all the models I could for this one.I hope it gose the north track.

Mike Paulocsa said...

Hi Andrew.I spelled appreciate wrong in my previous post.I was typing too fast.Sorry.