Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Update to: 'Major Snows for the Country Not Out of Question'

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In the post above, I discussed how a -PNA may hamper efforts to get the Siberian Express and the Pineapple Express. Well, I did some research and came across something that I originally knew but forgot about: If the PNA (or any indices, for that matter) are in a weak positive/negative stage, the effects of that stage are also weak.I don't know how I missed that, but I did. Here's the bad thing: That doesn't apply to this scenario. Here's the latest PNA forecast.
The negative end is not a good sign- and it's at least moderately strong at that. We might still see the effects, but this cold air is something we just cannot deny. The pole vortex cannot hold up under the constant intrusion of ridges into it, which is what is playing out. We are about to issue a stratospheric warming update, so stay tuned.


AJ said...

So this is bad news for snow lovers.

Andrew said...

With a really negative PNA, yes.