Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorable/Unfavorable for the Rest of Winter (and a side note)

MJO: It is currently looking to move into Phases 8 and 1- good for storms and cold.
AO: The long range AO looks to be going back negative.
PDO: The PDO Is in a cool phase, thus increasing probabilities for precipitation and cool temperatures in the East US.

AAO: In a moderate-strong positive phase and does not appear to be changing anytime soon.
AO: A blip into positive territory shows that this new -NAO/-AO pattern is not as strong as it was a couple weeks ago.
NAO: The NAO will remain around neutral for a while.
PNA: The PNA is trending negatively in the longer term.
EPO: The EPO is going neutral, thus moderating temperatures.
WPO: The WPO looks to be positive, keeping Canada warm and cold air out of the picture.

Side Note: I haven't exactly been forecasting the way I usually do in the past couple days. It has not been shown on here, other than the throwing in the towel for winter.
I wanted to say that I did that in the wrong mindset, and after looking at all of these indices I have determined that I will be holding my verdict on the rest of winter in hiatus until possibly this afternoon, when I have more time to get a fresh look at all of the outlooks and indices, etc.


Anonymous said...

How does the Antarctic oscillation impact us here in America?

mls said...

dont worry this winter has made every met..look crazy its that kind of winter. u have done ur best so u r doing good!

Teddyz1919 said...

Will there ever be a time in the future that will make your job easier?? better tech, more accurate model runs that use this winter to take everything into consideration?? dont get flustered Andrew!! we all know mother nature is going to do what it wants!!! btw where is your locale??