Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I think Winter is Still On, and Why I originally posted otherwise

By now, if you commonly read The Weather Centre blog, you've found that I am giving up on winter.
I want to issue a sincere apology to everyone on my sudden turn from what I had been saying. I can't really explain what provoked me to call for an end to winter, but I know now that may original calls of winter still on its way remain alive and kicking.

I'm afraid I cannot reveal the reasons for this, as I am just beginning to unearth other things that will be worthwhile in determining this year's rest of winter forecast.

Again- I am sorry for quickly changing my mind. I don't like to go with the models (which flip practically every run), but this time around it seems like I acted like the models do.



Anonymous said...

You do alot of work we dont have time to do! Good blog and keep up the effort! Thanks!

DLCS said...

Hey, you gave up for the same reason I have many times this winter, just pure disapointment. we love snow a winter without it, is not winter. I plow snow in the winter to supplment my business and to put food on our table and I love snow!!!