Saturday, February 11, 2012

Northeast Great Lakes Could Pick Up 4 inches of Snow Today

(Accumulations are in millimeters, so click here for a millimeters to inches converter.)

As an arctic cold front moves out of the East US, the lake effect snow machines are kicking into high gear. The Northeast in general should see about a half inch to 2 inches- nothing major. However, closer to the Great Lakes, this particular model is forecasting up to 80 millimeters, or just over 3 inches, for western New York.


Anonymous said...

Andrew is there a website I can go to to pick up the knowledge that you have in weather?

Andrew said...

I have picked up the heavy majority of my knowledge from just coming across things and researching them, but I do know a few sites you could go:

Pretty much a weather dictionary:

Accuweather forums, where I learned a lot of what I know:

ERN WX said...

Picked up 1.5 inches. Sadly most has melted. I expect more with the arctic front.